Unforgettable Musical Experiences

Singing with Abby V!

I’m sure you have a dream that seems too impossible to happen because you know that the chances are extremely low. But, how would you react if the dream simply came true? Let me tell you my story.

It was a rainy Sunday evening and I was packing up my violin after my first rehearsal with the Pennsylvania Youth Orchestra in Paoli. I pick up my phone and I found a text forwarded by my mom from one of the volunteers at Aim for Seva, an Indian charitable trust, saying that I had been selected to perform a song with Abby V at one of their fundraising concerts. I rubbed my eyes and checked again if they were fooling me by any chance as it had been a long day after all. My brain was just too chaotic with the unstoppable spamming of my thought inbox. This was Abby V, correction: the Abby V! If you don’t have a single clue of who this person is, it is high time you google it! Back to the story… I couldn’t stop thinking about this all the way home. My friends and family were very excited for me, and I was so stuck on cloud nine that I couldn’t sleep that night. The first period math test at school the next day was hard to stay awake through. Fast forward to Sunday: it was the big day! On a scale of 1-10, my anxiety level was 20. Meeting Abby changed this as he is the kindest and most outgoing celebrity to work with. It was time to for the performance, and I was introduced to the massive audience. We sang “KrishnA nee bEganE” on stage. The crowd broke out into a thunderous applause. I uploaded the video of this performance to my YouTube channel, and it certainly has not been topped for the most views and likes yet, thanks to Abby, so make sure to check it out! This is definitely a precious memory I that can never forget, and I thank Aim for Seva from the bottom of my heart for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.